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Founder's Bio

Founder Keli Ross-Ma’u’s professional career as a musician began at the age of eleven in his father’s band Semisi and Fula Bula, playing a wide range of musical genres and instruments. While in college at Trinity College Connecticut for composition, his interest in the steel pan inspired him to live abroad in Trinidad, studying and performing with a local Panyard called Pamberi for the Carnival Panorama Competition and conducting a group playing his own original compositions. When he returned back to the states, his first admonishment to his brother was that he knew he wanted to bring the Panyard tradition to the states and the family bond he experienced with Pamberi. Keli has also lectured and taught in New Zealand, Australia, Fiji, and Germany and brings an international awareness and outlook to his teaching approach. Also involved in the community by coaching boys and girls high school rugby, Keli's pan students also call him coach because of his energetic and encouraging teaching style. This combined with his experience and knowledge as a musician and composer allows for students to get the very best in song arrangements that are both accessible and challenging for their varied skill levels, and the best environment for both group and individual development.

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